Antica Dolceria Rizza

September 10, 2014

Press conference document on 2 March 2006 to show the new Eurochocolate product in Modica at the presence of the Mayor, the Prime Minister and Eurochocolate President Eugenio Guarducci. A new way to taste Modica chocolate ... as a hot drink the "CIOCOAZTECA". It will be sold throughout the nation.

Peppe, the youngest of the Rizza family, always respecting the tradition and the quality that has been handed down from father to son for over 70 years, and distinguishes the Antica Dolceria Rizza in the artisan production of Master Confectioners and ice cream Makers of the Modica County, proposes a new way to taste the 'Modica Chocolate'.

This innovative product allows you to prepare in a few seconds a hot drink that preserves all the organoleptic characteristics, the taste and the smell of the traditional Modica Chocolate.
Innovation doesn't take anything away from old quality ... but, it adds to the quality the speed of preparation.

A unique preparation, it will be appreciated also because it allows to taste a traditional, young, 'trendy', nutritious and healthy drink to a wider public.
Young people will appreciate it for its modernity;
Families for its typicality combined with the simplicity of preparation;
The managers because they will be able to offer all the customers a product even more trending, combining old and modern.

As all the products of the Antica Dolceria Rizza, it will soon become a means for the spread of the Modica culture throughout the nation.