Antica Dolceria Rizza

Antica Dolceria Rizza


An ancient story

Don Nelì, the family progenitor, in 1935 opened his dairy in the heart of Modica thus entering the empire of one of the most famous pastry traditions in the world. Thanks to his son Peppino, a passionate pioneer of the ice cream craftsmanship and Modica chocolate, the dairy became a true laboratory of taste, loved and appreciated for the many exquisite masterpieces.


The legendary Modica chocolate

Don Peppino, thanks to his brilliant ideas and the passion for his work, gained the wished recognition of undisputed artisan of sorbetteria and legendary Modica chocolate. Its magical and aromatic chocolate bars are perfect if tasted into squares or piping hot chocolate. Refined confectionery products represent that unique creativity, handed down from father to son.
Antica Dolceria Rizza Modica
Cioccolato di Modica


Drawing on the secrets of the glorious family chocolate tradition, Antica Dolceria Rizza in Modica has had a profound and fruitful innovation, through which the genuineness of Modica chocolate and its peculiarities are protected. The beautiful and well-equipped lab, the real heart of the activity, deserves more than a visit.

Be seduced

Entering this magical place you will access an enchanted and fantastic world. Your attention will be immediately captured by the sparkle of the ample mixer, a safe device for the classic marina bath. Your senses will then be seduced by the intense aroma of the nectar poured into the molds. The bare and inviting chocolate bars thus start their journey on a special conveyor belt to be then coated with an elegant paper garment, mechanically sealed and cut to fit chocolate and food security.

Cigni di Bellini
Confezioni cioccolato

Tradition and modernity

At the end of a long and hard process, the chocolate bars are ready to be enjoyed, with their unmistakable characteristic of taste and manufacturing origin. Antica Dolceria Rizza is a perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity: in a creative way it continues to combine the tasty aromatic symphonies of chocolate with the fragrances of the walking memory. After eighty years, the family tradition continues, thanks to the passion of Giuseppe's sons and nephews, committed to faithfully produce Modica chocolate, ice-cream and typical specialties like in the past.