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"Making chocolate is easy ... The difficulty is to make the difference "

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Antica Dolceria Rizza, repository of the ancient Modica chocolate processing, innovates respecting tradition, shapes and tastes, making its chocolate a real cult.
Fave di cacao Antica Dolceria Rizza

First quality ingredients

A good chocolate comes from the choice of the highest quality cocoa beans, but also from a careful selection of all the other ingredients that compose it. Antica Dolceria Rizza's philosophy is expressed through the creation of products made using excellent raw materials and therefore promoting Sicily in Italy and all over the world.
The experience gained in four generations, the in-depth knowledge of raw materials and their balance have led, with passion, to the experimentation and creation of unique products, which have made the history of our company that has became a market leader.

Fave di cacao Antica Dolceria Rizza

Ancient workmanship

Modica chocolate produced by Antica Dolceria Rizza follows a slow and hard-working process. Unlike classic tempered chocolate, the Modica specialty is obtained from the first squeezing of cocoa beans previously slightly toasted and milled with the addition of sugar. The initial mix, is masterfully worked at low temperature and is not subject to the conching process. This very complex process has the advantage of making a unique and excellent chocolate, which expresses its utmost excellence both for the harmony of taste related to the flavors of the territory and for the ability to preserve the organoleptic features that the "food of the Gods " offers us in nature.
Gelato al cioccolato Modica

Our products

Modica chocolate with a classic parallelepiped shape, with vanilla and cinnamon, is now offered in elegant and unusual shapes, with different weights and with a combinations of peculiar and sophisticated taste.
The ability and experience of Rizza's specialist chocolate-makers, are proven by the various tastes proposed, ranging from orange peel to pistachios, from almonds to marsala, from chili pepper to lemon peel and even to the soffi di sale and much more .
Among the innovative ideas we find: the chocolate bar belonging to the Essential line and those of the Salute e Natura line; Carrèmodica granular chocolates by tradition and thin for innovation and more ... when Modica chocolate becomes a culture to taste and listen to the Cigni di Bellini. Let yourself be pampered by the incomparable taste of our chocolate!

Modica Chocolate Antica Dolceria Rizza


Artisan Production


The peculiarities of Rizza Modica chocolate ... when details make difference!

The chocolate by Antica Dolceria Rizza is gluten-free, lactose-free, without soy lecithin and free of added fats. The nutritional properties of Modica chocolate and its benefits have been known for some time. Thanks to the cold processing, in fact, the cocoa preserves all its organoleptic properties and guarantees a complete intake of flavonoids.
Cioccolato Modica
Cioccolato al latte

Between dreams and goodness

Enjoyed alone or together with Passito di Pantelleria, Moscato di Noto, Marsala liqueur, our chocolate will give you taste experiences allowing you travel with your mind. Antica Dolceria Rizza: the whole Sicily in a little square of chocolate! For more information about our confectionery products, please contact us.
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